We have spent years devoting ourselves to the craft of storytelling. We are thankful and humbled by the trust given to us from people who have chosen us to present their story to their viewers. And we thank you, our viewers, who recommend us to others.

Our sister company has been producing inspiring films for TV since 2006 and before that we produced, and still do produce, exciting films for the travel market. During that period we have received many awards for our work. Work that evokes emotion as well as create an alluring sensation leaving viewers the desire to explore for ones-self.


During those years we often received requests to cover weddings for friends and family, which we always declined. Our style of story telling and filming was not the “accepted norm” of wedding videos. Over the years Brides started demanding more than simply a recording of their day. In fact, without knowing, they were asking for the type of coverage we do each day in our TV and film productions. More important to this statement, we realized that our experience, knowledge, creativity and crew, engage in capturing details with emotion for every project. That style is exactly what  is being requested by Brides; to have a story (a love Story) produced for them that they will enjoy for decades to come. A film that, years from now, will take them back to the early years of their love story, not just one special day. A film they will want to watch over and over.


It was that realization, combined with the creation of a wedding film for one of our  co-hosts, that convinced us to expand our productions to include wedding films for the Brides who want more from a wedding video. This is for the brides that want a film about their love story, staring them, their family, and friends in their own award winning production.

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